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Year 6

Discovery Museum - Light Workshop

This afternoon we visited the Discovery Museum to take part in a workshop linked to our Science unit on light. We first discussed various sources of light and then found out more about our main source of light, the sun. We also took part in various investigations including exploring light refraction, creating shadows and even made our own camera obscura. It was interesting linking our learning from school to aspects we found out about during the workshop. 

Advent Adventure Outdoor Afternoon

This afternoon we took part in an Advent Adventure Outdoor Afternoon as we are now in the season of Advent. To start the afternoon (and to warm ourselves up) we took part in a relay race collecting various pictures to create the nativity scene. Once we were warmed up we then were each given a star to decorate, which symbolised the star the wise men followed to find baby Jesus. Once these were complete, as a class, we took part in a walking prayer. Around the field were various stations showing key events of the birth of Jesus. At each station we lit a candle, listened to the word and shared a prayer. To end the after (and, again, to warm ourselves up) we toasted marshmallows and made smores! 

Judaism Visit

Today we had a visit from Deanna Vandervelde, a member of the local Jewish community. As we have been celebrating inter-faith week in school, she was able to tell us more about her faith and traditions. It was great to share our knowledge with her and find out more about the religion. We event got to try on and share some of the objects and artefacts used by the Jewish community.

Parliament Workshop

Today, all of the Year 6 children were lucky enough to have a visit from Vanessa, who works in politics. She has worked for two Prime Ministers and took part in five general elections. During her workshop, she told us about how the Government is ran and linked it to our own school council. She explained about the Palace of Westminster, House of Commons and Hose of Lords. It was interesting to find out about the role of Parliament, how important it is and the impact it has on own lives. During the session we were split into groups and asked to create a new law, once each group had decided on their law we debated how and if they would work. We soon found out it isn't an easy job!

Rosh Hashanah


This week we have been deepening our understanding of the Jewish faith. To begin our lesson we recapped what we already knew about the religion and then went on to learn about Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year celebration. We found out how the community celebrate this time, it's meaning and traditions; along with making links to our our new year celebrations. Whilst creating our own Rosh Hashanah card, we tasted a traditional treat eaten during this time, apples and honey, which symbolise a sweet year ahead.

Light Reflection Investigation

Today we explored and investigated how light travelling from a light source reflects to our eyes. We recapped our previous understanding of how light travels in straight lines and bounces off a surface to change the direction of the ray of light. We discussed the impact the surface and colour of the object has on the reflection of the light. Using a torch, we created a beam of light and pointed the beam at a drawn target pinned to the wall. Using a mirror, we were tasked with reflecting the beam so that it hit the target. Finally, we then tried different angles of the torchlight reflecting off the mirror to hit the target and explored using more than one mirror


It's Coming Home!

This afternoon we were lucky enough to watch England's first match as part of the World Cup in Qatar. To support the team we came to school in red, white and blue and cheered the squad on, in what was an amazing match. During the game some of us made flags, completed cross words and researched the countries that are taking part. With a final score of 6-2 we were all so proud of the team and are looking forward to following them all the way to the final (fingers crossed).

Passing Skills

As we continue our unit of hockey in PE, today's lesson focused on passing skills using a push pass. In pairs we developed our understanding of using a 'step through' method as we pass to give more power. We also tried to focus on the direction of the ball as we passed it to our partner by being given two cones to send the ball between.

Safety Works

Yesterday Year 6 visited Safety Works to learn all safety across different environments. Fire Safety Officers, Lifeguards, Police Officers, Metro Travel Safety Officers and staff from the local authority provided them with detailed insights into safety in their area of expertise. The children were provided with an opportunity to contribute, ask questions and even act out different scenarios across the these environments. 

Anti-bullying Workshop

Today marked the start of Anti-bullying Week across the country and we were lucky enough to take part in a workshop all about our emotions and the various types of bullying that can take place. During the session we used drama to express various emotions and looked at scenarios showing verbal, physical and cyber bullying. From these we then shared ways in which these situations could be made better. We thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and are looking forward to other activities planned for the rest of the week.

Remembrance Art

Today we explored the importance of art during difficult times and how symbols can be use to remember. We linked the symbol of the poppy from Armistice and the rainbow from the COVID-19 pandemic to create a joint symbol to show our thanks to all of those who served and sacrificed during those difficult times.

Remembrance Liturgical Prayer

This afternoon we all came together as a school to reflect on our Remembrance Week. To end the week Year 6 led a liturgical prayer signifying the importance of remembrance along with who and why we remember. The hall was decorated with art work made by the whole school from Nursery to Year 6 and looked beautiful.

Celebrating 150 Years of John McCrae


Today we took part in a webinar with schools across the UK and Canada to celebrate the life of John McCrae who served as a doctor in WWI and famously wrote the poem In Flanders Fields. During the online event,we took part in a range of activities including writing our own poem inspired by John McCrae, designing a poppy of remembrance and creating a 'wordle' linked to the theme of poppies. It was a great event to be a part of, linking up with so many schools and sharing our thoughts and ideas.