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Maya Workshop - Nov 24, 2021


Today we had a special visitor in our class, Vanessa, a Maya archaeologist. She came to help us learn more on answering our enquiry question, ‘Why did the Maya create their settlement in the rainforest?’ We had a great morning learning all about the Maya and their lifestyle. To start we created a timeline, looking at key events of the Maya ancient civilisation, we then were able to become research archaeologist. A carousel of activities was set up for us to explore in groups, first was a task to match a Maya God description to an image, next was a range of replica artefacts from Belize, which we had to investigate. There was also a scale model of Maya home, for us to look at and some objects that would have been found inside a home. Finally, we were challenged to make tortillas, using soft maze, as the Maya would have done. The morning has been a huge success, we enjoyed all of our activities and deepened our understanding of this interesting ancient civilisation.