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Music! - Oct 13, 2020


In Music we have had loads of fun grooving to our Hip Hop unit ‘Hey You!’. We have been finding the pulse, copying rhythms, and improvising with instruments and our voices. We can clap back as a response to a call and are improving our listening skills. Our favourite part of each lesson is always the dancing part and Year 1a are very keen movers!

Follow the link to check out a video of us practising our call and response improvisation! It may sound like gobbledygook for now, but it is the first step to improvised singing and teaches when to sing and when to listen during a performance. It was really brave of these 5 and 6 year olds to perform in front of each other and the camera – well done!

Music Improvisation

Year 1 showing off their new improvisation skills during call and response singing. Well done!