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Year 1 Page: 2022-2023

Treasure Hunt

On our last day of term we went on a hunt for letters.  The letters were  hidden all over the yard.  We worked in teams to find all of the letters.  when we had all of the letters it made a sentence.  " Year 1 are the best."

DT - Making a smoothie

Today in DT we made fruit and vegetable smoothies. The children chose which smoothie they wanted to make out of the following options:


Smoothie 1 - mango, pineapple and carrot

Smoothie 2 - grapes, spinach and banana

Smoothie 3 - strawberries, apple and cucumber


The children prepared their fruit and vegetables by chopping them using a butter knife. To do this, we used the claw method. After the fruit and vegetables were prepared, we used a blender to make our smoothies. Well done, Year 1!



Survival Day

Today Kev and Heather from Team Challenge Adventures came to work with Year 1.  We listened to a story all about a little girl who planted seeds to make flowers grow.  We took part in different activities that were related to the story.  We had to work was a team in order to complete the challenges.

We had so much fun!


Today we played the glockenspiel.  We concentrated on playing the notes C, D and E.  We had to keep a steady beat so we were in time with the music.

DT - Fruit and Vegetables

Our current DT topic is 'Fruit and Vegetables.' At the end of the topic, we will be making our own smoothie. Today we tried a smoothie (some of us for the first time) to see if we could identify which fruits and vegetables were in the drink. Most of us enjoyed the smoothies! We then tried different fruits and vegetables to decide which ones we will put into our smoothie next lesson.



Today was the end of our History topic "What can we learn from a castle keep?"  We worked in groups to make our very own castle out of blocks.  We then had to label parts of the castle.  Then we had to explain why castles were built and the rooms that could be found inside.

We were able to recall lost of information.  We all remembered that castles were built for kings and queens.  They were built to protect them.


Daily Mile

It was such a lovely day today that we ended it by running the daily mile.  We all managed 3 laps around the track.  Then sat down for a well deserved drink!!

The Castle Keep