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Year 1

DT - Making a windmill

Our enquiry question in DT this term is 'How do I make a stable windmill?'

So far in the topic we have designed our structure, cut it out and glued it together. Today we have started to make our windmills to add to our structures. Hopefully we will finish them off next week!


We have been learning about fractions.  We now know that a half means that something is divided into 2 equal parts.  We also know that a quarter means there will be 4 equal parts.  We have had lots of fun finding out about fractions.  We have quartered food, so that in our groups of 4 we all had the same amount.  We then counted sweets, we worked out what a quarter would be by sharing the sweets equally.  We then ate our quarter of the sweets.


In PE, this half term, we are concentrating on the topic of "Dance."  We are very lucky in that we have a dance teacher helping us.  We are thinking of our own choreography for a dance all about the "Great Fire of London."  We had to think of low movements, high movements and the ending movement for a dance.  We all loved it and cannot wait until next time. 

World Book Day

It was World Book Day.  

For World Book Day we dressed up in our pyjamas and brought a cuddly toy into school.  We went to the library and we were read a story by the librarian.  We had a fantastic time.

Share a Story


We have come to the end of our 3 week reading challenge.  As a reward we were given hot chocolate.  We then shared a story with our friends in Year 5.  We had a great afternoon.

Share a Story

Children's Mental Health Week


We had a visit from Bigfoot Productions.  They came to tell us all about being safe on the internet.  We talked about how we use the internet and how we must stay safe.  Boo the rabbit needed our help so he could stay safe.  He asked us questions about being safe.  We were brilliant at telling him what to do.

Children's Mental Health Week

Sculptures - Andy Goldsworthy

In Art we have been learning all about Sculptures. We have been looking closely at the work of Andy Goldsworthy. Andy creates all of his sculptures outside using the natural environment. We have all made our own sculptures using things we have found outdoors. This includes grass, conkers, sticks, stones, pebbles, leaves, grass and flowers.

Discovery Museum

Year 1 visited the Discovery Museum to learn all about the Great Fire of Gateshead.  When we arrived at the museum we had a look round.  There were lots of things for us to look at.  We then had a talk where we learnt lots about the Great Fire, it was very interesting.

Ball skills

Today in PE we were practising our ball skills.  We were dribbling a ball with our hands.  We had to control the ball, first with 2 hands and then with 1.  We all did brilliantly.

Tens and Ones - Partitioning

This week in maths we have been looking at 2 digit numbers to 50.  We have been looking at how many tens and how many ones the number is made from.  We have used Base Ten, numicon and counters to help us.  We then partitioned numbers using the part-whole model.