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Year 3 Survival Day! - Sep 16, 2022


Year 3 have had such an exciting day today doing our desert survival course! To start the day off, we received a message that our aeroplane had crashed and we had landed in the desert! In four teams, the children used their fantastic collaborative skills to succeed through challenges, be saved and come back home. We even made an SOS sign on the ground to help catch attention! The children put up their own tents and took part in lots of challenges such as stone tower building, dressing like you live in the desert, an obstacle course and team races to safety. Each team came up with their own team name and when our leaders Kev and Heather witnessed amazing desert survival skills and excellent team work, they were rewarded with a scoop of sand in their team jar. We all had such a brilliant day and the class demonstrated hard work, determination and great collaborative skills. Thank you so much to Kev and Heather for a great day and a huge well done to Year 3.