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Go, do not be afraid and serve

Mini Vinnies

Buying Gifts

Some of our Mini Vinnie team visited the shops today to buy gifts for housebound members of our community. They chose delicious chocolate bars. They then visited the post office to send them all off ready for Christmas. The children paid for the gifts and postage with money raised by selling Holy Toast. 

Holy Toast!

Our Mini Vinnie team have been selling Holy Toast at playtimes to raise money to buy small Christmas gifts for housebound members of our community. They raised and amazing £133!

Go, do not be afraid and serve

The Mini Vinnie team led our Whole School Liturgical prayer today. They reminded everyone of all the things we've done this Autumn Term to live up to our school mission, "Go, do not be afraid and serve."


In November our Mini Vinnie team sold poppies and poppy stationary in the lead up to Remembrance Day. All of the money raised was donated to the royal British Legion.  In total we raised £340!


Mini Vinnie Team to Joe's Place

In November we invited our families to celebrate a Harvest Liturgical Prayer session with our classes. Our mission following this prayer was to collect cans, tins and packets to donate to Joe’s Place. Our children and families were incredibly generous and donated 10 large boxes of food! The Mini Vinnie Team delivered the donations to Joe’s Place. During our visit, the group helped the volunteers take food and drink orders, delivered fruit and chatted to everyone.





Harvest Collection

Our Mini Vinnie Team led today’s whole school liturgical prayer. They told us about harvest and how we can share with others at this time. They set mission for everybody in our school. They asked us to look in our cupboards to see if we had one spare tin that we could donate. We heard about Joe’s Place in Gateshead which helps to provide food and support to those in need. All of the tins we bring in will be donated to them.

Gift Buying 

The Mini Vinnie Team have been buying gifts today to deliver to housebound members of our community. They used the money they raised selling toast. One of the people shopping was so impressed by what the children were doing he donated money for us to use to buy even more gifts!


Holy Toast!

The Mini Vinnie Team have been making and selling ‘Holy Toast’ in order to raise money to buy Christmas gifts for housebound members of our community. 


Fr Paul and the Minnie Vinnies 

Fr Paul came in to visit our Minnie Vinnie group today. We enjoyed spending some time praying together. Fr. Paul also gave us special prayer cards to take home and use with our families. Next week we will be learning how to pray using Rosary beads. 

New Minnie Vinnie Group!

We are looking for a new Minnie Vinnie group to start working in our school this year. Your teacher will talk to you about how you can apply to join the group.

minnie 2

Thank You Mini Vinnies! 

Before Easter our Mini Vinnies sent out Easter cards to members of our Parish. The group have been very pleased and surprised to receive cards back thanking them for their kind thoughts! Well done to all of the Mini Vinnie Group.

Easter Cards!

Easter Cards

Our Mini Vinnie Group have been working hard creating special Easter Cards to send to the housebound of our Parish. We had many brilliant entries in the competition for the cover. After much deliberation, the winning image chosen was coloured by Molly Graham! Molly’s picture is now the design on the front of all of the cards to be sent out. Well done to Molly and to everyone else who took part.



Christmas Cards 

The Mini Vinnie team have posted cards today to housebound members of St Augustine’s Parish. We found out about what it means to be housebound and asked Fr Paul for a list of people who might like to receive a card from us. Then we wrote out the cards and took them down to the post box in Fewster Square. We hope our cards bring a little bit of happiness to people at Christmas.