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Year 5

Advent Survival Afternoon


Year 5 have been very lucky and had the opportunity to take part in an Advent Survival Afternoon. They were very prayerful and thought about the purpose of Advent. They discussed ways in which they prepare for the coming of Jesus and Christmas time. The afternoon was calm, thought provoking and a time to reflect on their own lives. They ended a cold outdoor activity by lighting fires and making s'mores. Well done Year 5!

Judaism workshop 

Today in Year 5, we had a visit from Deanna Van Der Velde, a member of the local Jewish community. As we have been celebrating inter-faith week in school, she was able to tell us more about her faith and traditions

They looked at The Torah Scrolls and other important artefacts. They were all very engaged and interested in what she had to teach them about her faith and community. 

Dissolving Experiment 


Today in science, Year 5 carried out fair tests as part of our scientific enquiry question: Why do some materials dissolve? They  conducted an experiment to see how quickly sugar dissolves. They changed one variable – the types of sugar. They repeated each test three times and took an average to make sure it is a fair test. Tomorrow, they will complete a graph of their results.


Basketball Tournament 


Today in PE, Year 5 enjoyed playing a class basketball tournament. They worked on previous skills they learned and worked well as a team. They To applied principles, rules and tactics to a game situation. It was lots of fun and some children were even able to take on the role of referee. They were looking for travelling, double dribbling and fouls. Well done Year 5!

Children in Need 2022

Year 5 enjoyed wearing non-uniform and Pudsey clothes as part of Children in Need. They coloured in Pudsey Bear and thought about ways they could give to children in need through prayer.  



A selection of children from Year 5 took part in the Gateshead School Sports Partnership Athletics competition at Gateshead Leisure Centre. They were excellent and worked well as a team. Well done everyone!



Anti-bullying Workshop 

This morning, Year 5 took part in an anti-bullying workshop. They engaged fully in the dramas and learned lots about the three types of bullying. They discussed feelings and emotions around bullying, and ways to prevent bullying. 

Lindisfarne Gospels 

Year 5 were very lucky to visit the Lindisfarne Gospel which is on loan in The Laing Art Gallery. They leaned a lot of facts about the gospel and enjoyed this amazing experience. 

Lindisfarne Gospels