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Year 5 Page: 2022-2023

Sports Day!


Year 5 had the best afternoon taking part in their sports day. Everyone tried their best and they all cheered each other on. Brilliant team work and a lovely afternoon for everyone involved. Well done!

Year 5 had a great time this morning taking part in the UKS2 cricket tournament. They played well in teams, took turns and learned lots of new skills. Well done everyone. 



Today Year 5 enjoyed developing their technique in relay changeovers. They all listened very well and tried their best communicate with their teammates to help create a smooth changeover. They applied their knowledge of the sprinting technique to this track event. Well done.




Today, the Year 5 class took charge of leading a liturgical prayer outdoors. The Gospel emphasised the importance of caring for the environment, thus inspiring the children to organise a school field clean-up as part of their 'mission'. This endeavour proved to be a triumph, and the students should be commended for their efforts in protecting the planet and strengthening their bond with God.

Music Workshop


Today Year 5 enjoyed a whole school music workshop. They were taken on a musical journey around the world with different music styles. Some people were lucky enough to be chosen to play an instrument or dance to the music. Everyone enjoyed it and learned lots about music from Brazil, Ireland, China, Australia and Mexico. The instruments were very loud, exciting and fun to play. 



Year 5 enjoyed learning some new gymnastic techniques today. Since it was nice and warm, they practised their moved in the MUGA. Everyone had a go. Well done. 

Making Bridges

Design and Technology, Year 5 have spent a few weeks designing and making the structure for their bridges, Today they completed them! They are all very proud of their bridges and will spend time evaluating the design and overall effectiveness. 

King Charles III Coronation Celebrations!


Today Year 5 came into school in red, white and blue to celebration King Charles' Coronation. They enjoyed learning about the King's life and all about the Coronation. His Majesty The King's coronation will take place on Saturday 6th May, 2023. The children made bunting, coloured in and enjoyed painting Union Jacks with portraits of The King on. We look forward to  picnic lunch, cake and an assembly about The King this afternoon. 



The aim of our first badminton lesson was to develop footwork and the forehand and backhand grip. Everyone tried hard to do this and then they were introduced to the chasse steps. Badminton players use a chasse step to move around the court. Having good footwork allows you to move and cover a short distance efficiently. They all did well using forehand grip and backhand grip. This is something we will develop over the next few lessons. 

Making Pulley Mechanisms 

Year 5 learned all about pulleys, levers and gears. They then researched pulleys in greater detail before they were ready to make their very own. They had a great time and used scientific vocabulary well throughout the lesson.


A pulley is a wheel on a fixed axle with a groove in it to guide a rope or cable. The rope or cable is attached to the object you want to lift and looped over the pulley so that the end of the rope is hanging down on the other side. The pulley changes the direction of the force needed to lift the object or the amount of force that is needed to lift an object.



Programming Fun


Today in computing, Year 5 continued practising their programming skills by creating an interactive quiz using selection. They had to identify program parts; condition, condition when outcome is correct, condition when outcome is incorrect and an answer to the outcome. They were great and helped each other learn the new skills needed to achieve the desired outcome. Their algorithms all worked. 


Air Resistance


Today in Science, Year 5 learned about the force 'air resistance'. They designed and made parachutes to see whether the surface area of the canopy affected the speed in which it fell. They had a great time and used excellent science vocabulary during the lesson and when they evaluated their design. 

Investigating Forces


In Science, Year 5 carried out a fair test to answer the enquiry question 'Whose shoe has the greatest friction?' They used Newton Meters and made a prediction. They collected data and then wrote down their results. Excellent scientific vocabulary was used with a good understand that friction is a force. They all now know that friction is a force between two surfaces that are sliding, or trying to slide, across each other. For example, when you try to push a book along the floor, friction makes this difficult. Friction always works in the direction opposite to the direction in which the object is moving, or trying to move. Brilliant work Year 5!

Easter Egg Fun!

Programming Fun!


Today in computing, Year 5 enjoyed programming using Scratch. They developed their understanding of selection by using the ‘if… then… else’ structure in algorithms and programs. They revisited the need to use repetition in selection to ensure that conditions are repeatedly checked and identified the two outcomes in given programs and how the condition informs which outcome will be selected. They then used this knowledge to write their own programs that use selection with two outcomes.

Year 5 Singing Festival at Cardinal Hume


Yesterday, Year 5 had an amazing day at the Year 5 Singing Festival. They were excellent representatives of St Augustine's and loved learning 5 new songs. Their singing was beautiful and they all gave 100% effort. They performed brilliantly in the evening to a huge audience. What a great day. Well done everyone!

The Life Centre


Some children from Year 5 and our Science Ambassadors were very lucky yesterday and had a trip to The Life Centre. They carried out investigations and completed circuits using batteries and Hydrogen gas. The explore the 'Wow' zone and loved the Space zone. Our visit ended with a showing the amazing planetarium. They were all superbly behaved and learned a lot.

Design and Technology


Today Year 5 started their new DT topic which is make a structure of bridge. The first lesson was to explore ways to reinforce a beam to improve its strength. They had lots of fun doing this!

Hydrogen Homes


Some children from KS2 have had a visit to Hydrogen Homes in Low Thornley. This is part of our climate change challenge to reduce our carbon footprint as a school. The visit was very interesting and the children were able to learn about the benefits of using Hydrogen, as well as getting to see new, innovative appliances which run on Hydrogen. The group were very well engaged, asking interesting questions to deepen their understanding. The homes had working appliances and were fully functioning. They ended the afternoon by designing a poster about climate change and will present these in a whole school assembly next Monday. 

World Book Day 2023


Year 5 had a great day celebrating World Book Day 2023. They came to school wearing pyjamas and brought teddies. They had stories with their parents and carers and enjoyed a trip to the local library. We all love to read in Year 5! What a great day!

Share a story

To celebrate coming to the end of our 'reading challenge' this week, Year 5 shared a story with Year 1 and enjoyed a hot chocolate with marshmallows. This was lovely and the children were very well-behaved. They all enjoyed sharing stories.


Today in PE, year 5 were 'Dressed to Express' and had their dance lesson outside. They were able to work together and come up with create dances. They enjoyed expressing themselves through movement and team work.

Digi Maps


In Geography, Year 5 used a Digi Map of Gateshead from 1850 and2022 as part of their field work. They were able to identify the changes in land use across Gateshead. This generated excellent discussions about changes and why places in Gateshead have changes over the years. 

Class Liturgical Prayer 


This half term, in PE, Rachel is coming in to teach the children a dance linked to the Industrial Revolution. She started the children off with moves linked to travelling, hand gestures, stillness, jumping and shapes. They then continued their own dance. Everyone was engaged throughout the session and can't wait for next week!

Gateshead Archives 

Year 5 visited Gateshead Library to see the Archives. Our new History topic is about the Industrial revolution and the impact on Gateshead and Newcastle. The children learned about changes brought about by the industrial revolution and materials that were manufactured for the world in Gateshead. It was extremely informative and a great way to begin our topic.




Chemical Reactions


Today in science as part of our Changing Materials topic, Year 5 observed chemical reactions and were able to discuss whether or not the changes were reversible or irreversible. We started by recapping what soluble means. They mixed material with water, filtered them and found out that some materials that become a solution because they dissolve could not be separated using a filter. They all had a great time creating Carbon Dioxide, which filled balloon when they mixed Bicarbonate of Soda and White Vinegar!

Christmas Panto!


Year 5 absolutely loved watching Beauty and the Beast at the Tyne Theatre. It was so much fun! Have a very Merry  and Holy Christmas. See you all in 2023!

Santa Dash!

Today the Playground Buddies went to Gateshead Leisure Centre to take part in playground training.  They learnt lots of new activities that they can share with other children at play times.

They all had a fantastic time and were an absolute to the school.

Playground Buddies

Christmas Jumper Day

Be Internet Legends Day


Today, Year 5 took part in 'Be Internet Legends Day' as part of e-safety. It was very informative and they enjoyed participating in an event with schools around the UK. They learned how to be an internet legend and now know the 5 ways they can do this. 1. Stay Sharp - think before you post. 2. Stay Alert - check it is real. 3. Stay Secure - protect your stuff. 4. Stay Kind - respecting each other. 5. Stay Brave - when in doubt, discuss. 

Advent Survival Afternoon


Year 5 have been very lucky and had the opportunity to take part in an Advent Survival Afternoon. They were very prayerful and thought about the purpose of Advent. They discussed ways in which they prepare for the coming of Jesus and Christmas time. The afternoon was calm, thought provoking and a time to reflect on their own lives. They ended a cold outdoor activity by lighting fires and making s'mores. Well done Year 5!