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Go, do not be afraid and serve

Year 3/4 Survival Day - Sep 14, 2022


What a exciting adventure Year 3/4 have had today! We received a message that our Commander General had been captured by enemies and it was our job to rescue him. In four teams, the children worked collaboratively through a series of problem solving tasks, earning keys to unlock a box to save him. They put up their own tents, crawled through mud, dressed as army soldiers, unlocked a secret code and even completed an obstacle course. Some of these tasks had to be completed in complete silence! When our leaders, Captain Kev and Private Heather saw excellent communication and team work, the team would be rewarded with a soldier or a golden soldier worth 10 points. We all had an amazing day, the team work and persevere demonstrated was incredible. Well done Year 3/4 and a special thank you to Kev and Heather for a brilliant day full of fun.