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Humanities Overview

At St Augustine’s our aim within the teaching of Humanities is to engage the children through a skills based and knowledge-rich curriculum. Following the National Curriculum guidance, children are able to develop and consolidate their skills and knowledge by building on previous learning and revisiting certain areas of study throughout the year and across phases, which enables progressive and continuous learning opportunities.  Our Humanities teaching is focused through an enquiry based learning approach. Each unit of work is led by an enquiry question which tailors children’s learning and supports in development of key skills. Throughout the unit children will gain a range of knowledge and skills, children are then able to demonstrate and share their learning through answering the enquiry question asked.  Through this style of teaching we encourage children to explore the world around them and its history. Children are able to develop their enthusiasm and curiosity through the units and are supported in using their knowledge and skills to delve deeper into their learning and understanding. All of our teaching supports children in continually learning, revisiting and embedding to ensure progressive learning for all.


Mrs Bradford

Geography Co-ordinator


Geography Overview

Within Geography we aim for pupils to gain a knowledge and understanding about the world and its people. By inspiring the children through our chosen units of work, children are able to engage, showing curiosity and fascination. To deepen children’s understanding of Geography, skills are developed within locational knowledge, human and physical Geography, atlas and map work and fieldwork through the units of work.  Our Geography teaching supports developing children’s knowledge about diverse places, people, natural and human environments, along with a deeper understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human features and how it changes over time.


Early Years

Geography in Early Years focuses on children looking at their local environment such as home and school. There is a focus on children knowing where they live, understanding people’s homes are different, knowing some physical and human features of their home, street or school and an awareness types of weather and seasons. These aspects link with the prime area of learning Communication and language along with specific areas of learning, Maths and Understanding the World. It is key children are able to understand their own environment and those familiar to them before moving on to the wider world.



Key Stage 1

In Year 1 children will start with the enquiry question ‘What is special about where I live?’, this will allow children to use their understanding of geography in Early Years and apply it to their new learning. Each year children will begin with an enquiry question based on a location nearest to them then during the year the questions will focus on countries further afield. Children will look at physical and human aspects of the local area and UK. Within Key Stage 1 children will explore aspects such as weather, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Key Stage 2

As the children move into Key Stage 2 they will continue to deepen their understanding of physical and human geography and build upon it by comparing and contrasting these features to those locally.

In Year 3 children will compare Gateshead to Andalucía, a Spanish city they also learn about during MFL lessons. Enquiry questions will allow learning of the Earth’s key physical and human features and their impact.

Children will also begin to understand the importance trade and tourism has for both countries and cities, along with climate change and the importance of biomes.

Subject Coverage

Whole School Events

To develop children’s understanding of their local Geography awareness the school takes part in a ‘Local Explorer’ week. Here each class focuses their learning on an enquiry question linked to the geography of our local area. During the week all classes will take part in a range of activities developing fieldwork and geography skills to support their understanding of the local area they live in.


Useful Links

Here are some useful websites and apps your child might enjoying using to support them in their geographical knowledge.  Please click on the images below to access the links: