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Brush Your Teeth – End of the week Nursery - May 7, 2021


Today we talked about teeth and how it is important that we look after them. We all brush our teeth. We know we should brush them twice a day. We then looked at some liquids and talked about if they are good or bad for our teeth. We decided that pop wasn’t good for our teeth as it is full of sugar. Someone said it gave your teeth cavities. We thought that milk and water would be the best.


We then carried out an investigation to test our theory. We put white eggs in different liquids and left them to see what happened to them. The white eggs were like our teeth. We put the eggs in coffee, coke, water, milk and vinegar and left them over night to see what happened to them.

We left the eggs over night and looked at them the next day.  We were shocked by the results.  The egg shell that had been in the vinegar was no longer there.   The eggs that had been in the coke and the coffee were stained.  We had to use a toothbrush to try and clean them.  The eggs which had been in the milk and water looked the same.  We talked about that it is really important to always brush our teeth to keep them nice and clean.