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STEM Week - Feb 15, 2022


This week in school is STEM week, each class is focusing on the theme of ‘Growth’. Today we started investigating our aspect of the theme, looking at the importance of clean water. In our lesson we discussed how vital clean water is to our lives and how it stops the spread of infections and diseases. Following this, we found out a shocking statistic that 738 million people in the world do not have access to clean water. The work of WaterAid has helped one of these people and her family, a six year old girl named Helena from Mozambique. Researching the work of WaterAid we then looked at some of the solutions they have to help provide water for communities such as hers, these solutions include: a gravity flow system, a rainwater harvester and composting latrines. To end our lesson we suggested which of these solutions would be best for Helena’s family and community, giving reasons for our choice.