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Local explorers- Our School - Jun 15, 2021


Before half term the children completed the unit ‘Local explorers’. They focused on our school, looking at the features, how it is made up and how it has changed. The children loved exploring the school and learning the names of the different parts. They then looked at an aerial view of the school and tried to work out which part was which… it was very tricky! After that the children learned how to read various maps and had a go at drawing their own map of the school, they were amazing! To finish the week, with the children’s new knowledge of the school, we completed a challenge. We got into two teams and used a map to choose where to hide a teddy. We marked on the map where we had hidden it and then swapped maps with the other team. We counted down and opened our maps at the same time…the race was on!! Who would be the first team to locate, find and bring the teddy back to the class? The children absolutely loved the challenge and ended up doing it twice.