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Go, do not be afraid and serve

Year 1/2

Making Wraps

Year 1/2 have been making cheese and ham wraps to help us with our instructional writing. 

Leam Lane Library

Year 1/2 love to visit Leam Lane Library.

Subtracting Length

Year 1/2 have been adding and taking away lengths in Maths. In today's lesson we used playdough to roll out a particular length then used a ruler to measure the amount we were taking away and measured again to check how much we had left. 

Learning to play the recorder

Year 1/2 have been learning to play the recorder with Mr Parkin. We have been practicing holding our recorders correctly and blowing gently to create each note. 

Year 1/2 Music

Mr Parkin will be working with Year 1/2 for our music lessons this half term. We loved having a try of the keyboard today while we thought about the pulse and rhythm of the music.  

Year 1/2 have been learning about the art work of Giuseppi Arcimboldo. Today in art we all created self portraits in the style of the artist.


Key Stage 1 Athletics Festival

Key stage 1 had a great morning at the athletics festival, Taking part in lots of fun activities and learning new skills. 

Comparing Numbers

Year 1/2 have been using the greater than, less than and equal to symbols to compare numbers up to 10. 

Animal Categories

Year 1/2 have been learning about animal categories and we sorted animals depending on whether they are mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, insects or amphibians.