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Year 4 Page: 2022-2023

RISE - Looking after our mental health


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Year 4 have written their own limerick. We needed it to be:
* 5 lines long
* AABBA rhyming pattern
* following an anapestic rhythm

Clay technique

Coronation Art

Celebrating the Coronation

Palm Sunday Liturgical Prayer

Roman gods and goddesses

Rounding to the nearest whole number

Spelling using Newspapers

World Book Day - Library Visit

Library Reward

Aspire to Engineer

Advent Liturgical Prayer

This week in school, we are exploring the faith Judaism in our RE lessons. Today, the children in years 3 and 4 were visited by Dianna Van Der Velde who brought in special items from the synagogue. She explained what various items of clothing were such as the kippah, tallit and the tefillen. Some of us even had an opportunity to try some of these on. Dianna was very impressed with our knowledge of the synagogue and the torah scroll. The children listened and handled the objects respectfully and asked questions in order to deepen their learning.