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Year 6

Conjunction Alley

Today we looked at using subordinating conjunctions and how changing their position in a complex sentence can create a positive effect. Working in pairs, we thought of various complex sentences linked to the story of Henry’s Freedom Box, using a subordinating conjunction. Using these sentences, we formed a conjunction alley. One person became Henry, as they walked down the alley one partner shared the subordinating clause and the other, the main clause.


For our first lesson in Computing we looked at how companies advertise to a target audience. We were each given the task of designing a robot dog advert; however, we were separately assigned a target audience of either 10 year old boys, girls or children. From this we had to think of how our poster would appeal to the buyer in mind. Once designed, we shared our adverts with the class, explaining our finished work and the choices we made.

The Prodigal Son

In today's RE lesson we focused on the parable of The Prodigal Son. As a class we discussed the meaning behind the story and how God loves us all unconditionally. In groups we discussed the five key events of the parable and created a freeze frame showing each part using our facial expressions and body language to represent each of the character's feelings.


Pressure was the theme for our first Ten:Ten lesson this year. We explored what pressure is and the two types we can experience: spoken and unspoken. Using this understanding, in groups, we were give a scenario to act out showing a type of pressure. Our audience was then challenged to work out if the pressure being applied was spoken or unspoken. To end the lesson we shared top tips of how to cope with pressure.

L.S Lowry

In Art we are focusing on creating an environment through art. Today's lesson focused on L.S Lowry, his life and work. We explored some of his pieces and discussed themes which ran through his work and shared what we liked about them. After finding out about his life, we created a creative fact file about Lowry.


This afternoon Madame Douglas led our first French lesson of the year. It's exciting learning a new language in preparation for secondary school. We explored the skills we would visit each lesson: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our focus was on each of the five vowel sounds matching them with a word, action and then finally reading a poem.

Hello from Year 6!


Welcome to our new Year 6 class page. We are looking forward to the year ahead and look forward to sharing some of our learning with you. Keep an eye on our class page and our school Facebook page to find out all of the exciting things we have been getting up to.