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Year 6


This half term Year 6 will be focusing on the sport of Tennis in their outdoor PE lessons. To start the unit we began by looking at the correct stance, holding the racket and controlling the ball. Using various games we all became confident in each of the areas and are looking forward to learning new skills over the coming weeks.


Today we published our non-chronological reports on Pandora. We have worked extremely hard over the past few weeks in the build up to our writing, we are very impressed with our work and how they turned out.

Jesus: the bread of life

In today’s lesson we explored the meaning and significance of why bread represents Jesus in communion. Focusing on scripture based from John, we thought about why Jesus referred to himself as the bread of life’ and how friends of Jesus would never be ‘hungry or thirsty’. Following this, we each made our own bread to reflect on the significance of Jesus in our lives.

The History of Trade

In today’s lesson we looked at the history of trade, how it has changed overtime and the impact it has had. We explored the scale of trade through the ages, looking at local, national and global scales of trading. In small groups, we were given a period of time: the Stone Age, the 17th Century or the 21st Century. Using the information sheet and images given, we discussed in our groups, the key features of trade during this time and considered what conditions caused this. Following on from this, we shared our findings with the rest of the class.  

Knife Crime

This afternoon UKS2 had a visit from a local police officer who spoke to them about knife crime. During the workshop the children found out about the impact knife crime has, who it involves and the consequences of what can happen if you are found carrying a knife.


In PE this week Year 6 have been developing their shooting skills. They looked at one- handed and two-handed shots and the steps used to make their aim as accurate as possible. Following this, they took part in a range of games to develop their skills.

Stormbreak - Rock Band

This week we are focusing on 'self-worth' in our Stormbreak sessions. This afternoon we took part in a 'Classroom Rock Band' where we each made movements linked to instruments that were heard in a piece of rock music. We talked about how everyone has a special role to play within a band and how we all play a special role in our class.

Wind Turbines

In preparation to our visit to Nissan Car Plant, we were tasked to crate a wind turbine. After finding out a little more about them and their function, we were tasked with creating a model version. Working in groups, we used the materials available to design and make our own turbine. We are looking forward to taking them to Nissan and show them off.

Making Rainbows

In Science, we took part in an investigation to explore how rainbows are made. Using our knowledge form LKS2 on solids, liquids and gases, we found out how light travels through materials at different speeds. To prove this theory, we used a torch and prism to crate a rainbow.

Vocabulary Inference Skills

Today we explored Charles Dicken’s vocabulary choice in an extract of the original version. Building upon the techniques we used last lesson; we discussed aspects of the abridged version and linked our understanding of this to the original. Working in pairs, we then inferred various words and phrases from the text using our strategies and shared our findings to the class. 

Inference through Illustration

To begin our new Literacy unit we looked at the first image of out book 'A Christmas Carol'. We discussed the importance of illustrations in picture books and how they give clues to the story. Using the image we worked in groups to talk about what we could see. from this we then explored what we could infer about the character.

Rosh Hashanah

This week we have been learning about the faith of Judaism, in today's lesson we found out about the celebration of Rosh Hashanah and the traditions the Jewish community take part in during this time. In our lesson we designed a card with images linked to the celebration and tasted apples and honey, which are a traditional dish eaten during Rosh Hashanah.

Does light travel in straight lines?

Today we started out new unit in Science focusing on light. Our enquiry question was to investigate, 'Does light travel in straight lines?' After reading our information and answering questions on our findings, we worked in groups to carry out our experiment. By creating holes in three pieces of card and using a torch, we explored the impact on the ray of light when the holes were lined up and when they weren't. In doing so we were able to prove that light travels in straight lines. 


This week is Remembrance week in school. In Year 6 we have been exploring how people served and sacrificed during the war and made links to how this also was shown during the Covid-19 pandemic. As a class we looked at the similarities between the groups and showed our respect through prayer.


In our Ten:Ten lesson we focused on self-talk and the link between thoughts, feelings and actions. We shared how your thoughts can determine how you feel and then impact your actions. In groups we role-played vary scenarios where we might have a positive and negative thought and decided which thought was best to follow.

Relative Clauses

Today we explored using relative clauses to give extra information. Working in pairs, we wrote a simple sentence on a post it note about the main character of our story and then created a complex sentence by adding a relative clause.

Conjunction Alley

Today we looked at using subordinating conjunctions and how changing their position in a complex sentence can create a positive effect. Working in pairs, we thought of various complex sentences linked to the story of Henry’s Freedom Box, using a subordinating conjunction. Using these sentences, we formed a conjunction alley. One person became Henry, as they walked down the alley one partner shared the subordinating clause and the other, the main clause.


For our first lesson in Computing we looked at how companies advertise to a target audience. We were each given the task of designing a robot dog advert; however, we were separately assigned a target audience of either 10 year old boys, girls or children. From this we had to think of how our poster would appeal to the buyer in mind. Once designed, we shared our adverts with the class, explaining our finished work and the choices we made.

The Prodigal Son

In today's RE lesson we focused on the parable of The Prodigal Son. As a class we discussed the meaning behind the story and how God loves us all unconditionally. In groups we discussed the five key events of the parable and created a freeze frame showing each part using our facial expressions and body language to represent each of the character's feelings.


Pressure was the theme for our first Ten:Ten lesson this year. We explored what pressure is and the two types we can experience: spoken and unspoken. Using this understanding, in groups, we were give a scenario to act out showing a type of pressure. Our audience was then challenged to work out if the pressure being applied was spoken or unspoken. To end the lesson we shared top tips of how to cope with pressure.

L.S Lowry

In Art we are focusing on creating an environment through art. Today's lesson focused on L.S Lowry, his life and work. We explored some of his pieces and discussed themes which ran through his work and shared what we liked about them. After finding out about his life, we created a creative fact file about Lowry.


This afternoon Madame Douglas led our first French lesson of the year. It's exciting learning a new language in preparation for secondary school. We explored the skills we would visit each lesson: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our focus was on each of the five vowel sounds matching them with a word, action and then finally reading a poem.

Hello from Year 6!


Welcome to our new Year 6 class page. We are looking forward to the year ahead and look forward to sharing some of our learning with you. Keep an eye on our class page and our school Facebook page to find out all of the exciting things we have been getting up to.