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Reception 1

Composition in maths

This week in maths we have been looking at the composition of numbers up to 7.  We have talked about the part/whole model and looked at how numbers can be made up in different ways.  

Today we worked with a partner, we chose a number, counted the counters to match the number, then we split the counters into two sorting hoops. 

We then used the STEM sentence :_______ is a part, ______ is a part, the whole is _____


So for example: 3 is a part, 3 is a part, the whole is 6.

PE - Football skills

Today we controlled the football with our feet.  We were making sure that we took our time and passed the ball to our partner.

More than, fewer than

Today we have been using the STEM sentence of more than/fewer than.  We took turns to pick a card with spots on, we then looked to see who had more and those who had fewer.  


This week in maths we are learning about measurement.  Today we have been using the mathematical vocabulary of short, shorter and shortest.  We all had a piece of string our task was to find objects that were shorter than our piece of string.  We were all absolutely brilliant and we were all able to find objects that were shorter than our piece of string.

Christmas Creations

We have been very busy being creative today.  We have decorated stockings, made jingle bell sticks and decorated Christmas trees.

We have loved it!


Today we discussed the difference in temperatures between the winter and summer months.  We talked about the different clothes we would wear.  we talked about how when it is warm or are heated up then can melt.  We decided to see if this was true.  We looked at a chocolate button and from what we already knew we made a prediction that the chocolate would melt.  We then carried out the investigation and found out that our warm hands had heated up the chocolate causing it to melt.  Our predictions were correct.  

More Than

Today in maths we were using the SYEM sentence ..... More Than....


We worked with our partner.  Partner 1 had to pick counters out of the cup and then count to see how many they had.  Partner 2 then did the same.  As a pair we had to decide who had the most.  Then we used the sentence ......... has more than .........

Using Our Senses

Today we have been talking about our senses.  We know that we can see, hear, touch smell and taste.  First we listened to some sounds and used our ears to decide what noise we could hear.  Then we used our sense of smell to try and decide what we could smell.  Some of the smells we liked and some we did not like at all.  We smelt vinegar, mint sauce, lemon and vanilla.  After that, some brave children decided that they wanted to taste some of the liquids.  So they dipped a straw in the liquids and tasted them and decided if they were sweet or sour.  

Using Our Senses

Dough Disco!

Today we went to the Dough Disco!  We manipulated the play dough with our hands as we moved and grooved to the music.  This helps us with our fine motor skills so we will be amazing writers.

We also used our 'wafters' and moved to the music.  This helps with our gross motor movements.  We absolutely loved it.



Today in maths we were helping our puppet friend dragon to count.  Dragon is not very good at counting and needed our help to count out objects by touching counting them and by saying the numbers in order.

After we had helped dragon we worked with our partner to count the objects on the card.  We use counters to help us check to make sure that we counted correctly.


Today we have been subitising in maths.  This is where we just look at an object and know how many there are.  We were looking at dots and had to recognise if there were 1,2 or 3 on the board.  After we had done that we played a game with our friends.  We loved this activity.


Today we were practising finding the beat.  We used our rhythm sticks to help us.  We were amazing!


This week in Reception we have been working with our partners.  We have been learning to recognise Numicon pieces and to sort objects.  We have worked really hard.  We are really good at counting!


Today we had a wonderful time learning how to ride a balance bike.

First Day at School

Reception have had a wonderful first day at school.  They really enjoyed meeting their friends, going to the dinner hall and having a fun time in the sun.


They all said that they wanted to come back tomorrow!