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Reception 1


This week we have been learning about sharing, and how sometimes we can share equally and then sometimes it is unequal sharing.  We worked out that if a number was an even number - 2,4,6,8 and 10 it is possible to share equally and if a number was an odd number - 1,3,5,7,9 then you cannot share equally.

Repeating Patterns

Last week we were learning about repeating patterns.  We used numicon pegs to make ABC, ABB and ABBC patterns.  Today we could make our own repeating pattern (either ABC, ABB or ABBC).  We used paint and our fingers to create the pattern.

RE - Friends

Our topic in RE is "Friends".  Today we worked with a friend to perform in front of the rest of the class.  We either chose a dance, a song or a joke.  We were very brave standing up in front of our friends.  


This week in maths we have begun to use Rekenreks.  Rekenreks are counting frames.  It has ten beads on each row, five white and five red which supports the development of number sense.

We have learned how to start in the ready position and how to move the beads with our finger.


We have also been subitising numbers to 8.  We have been revisiting the STEM sentences "_______ is a part, _________ is a part, the whole is __________"

We are amazing at this.

Odd and Even Numbers

In maths this week we have been learning about odd and even numbers.  We first looked at pictures of that represented numbers.  We looked to see if the picture was in a pair.  If it was it was an even number and if there was one left on its own then it was odd.


We have been absolutely amazing when recognising the numbers.

We worked with a partner and then we have worked as a group sorting the numbers into 2 groups.

Sunshine - At last!

Today the whole class decided that they wanted to play outside because the sun was shining.  During choosing time the children played in different parts of the outdoor area.  Some water plants, some made potions, some found snails and some just enjoyed the fresh air!

Subitising Games

This week in maths we have been using our subitising skills to play games with our maths partners.  We have been subitising the spots on the dice and then matching the number to the ten frames.  We have been using the language of equal or unequal and more or less.  We have worked well with our friends.

Our Bodies

Today in our RSHE lesson we have been learning about our bodies and what we can do with them.  We listened to a story about 'Freddy Teddy and Mollie the Cat'.  We listened and then followed in with the actions.  They were pointing, running, jumping, sitting, crawling to name but a few.  We talked about how it was important to know the names for parts of our bodies, just in case we hurt ourselves and need to tell someone where we had been hurt.  We finished the lesson by singing - Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

Celebration of the Word

Celebration of the Word


This week is Holy week in school.  Yesterday we told the story of Palm Sunday, when Jesus travelled into Jerusalem.  Today it was KS1's turn to tell us the next part of the story, it was the Last Supper.  The children were amazing.  They gave all of the classes some bread to share.  This was to symbolise Jesus breaking the bread at the Last Supper.  We thought the bread was delicious!

Maths - Patterns

This week in Maths we have learning about repeating patterns.  We found out that a repeating pattern, keeps repeating itself.  We copied some patterns making sure that the pattern continued with the same colours or objects.  We concentrated really hard and managed to carry out our jobs.  


Today we went to have a look at the eggs which are in Nursery.  We counted and there are 10 eggs altogether.  We looked closely at the eggs to see if any of them looked as though they had hatched, but we couldn't see anything.  We are going to keep a close eye on them.  We cannot wait to see the chicks!


Composition in maths

This week in maths we have been looking at the composition of numbers up to 7.  We have talked about the part/whole model and looked at how numbers can be made up in different ways.  

Today we worked with a partner, we chose a number, counted the counters to match the number, then we split the counters into two sorting hoops. 

We then used the STEM sentence :_______ is a part, ______ is a part, the whole is _____


So for example: 3 is a part, 3 is a part, the whole is 6.

PE - Football skills

Today we controlled the football with our feet.  We were making sure that we took our time and passed the ball to our partner.

More than, fewer than

Today we have been using the STEM sentence of more than/fewer than.  We took turns to pick a card with spots on, we then looked to see who had more and those who had fewer.  


This week in maths we are learning about measurement.  Today we have been using the mathematical vocabulary of short, shorter and shortest.  We all had a piece of string our task was to find objects that were shorter than our piece of string.  We were all absolutely brilliant and we were all able to find objects that were shorter than our piece of string.

Christmas Creations

We have been very busy being creative today.  We have decorated stockings, made jingle bell sticks and decorated Christmas trees.

We have loved it!


Today we discussed the difference in temperatures between the winter and summer months.  We talked about the different clothes we would wear.  we talked about how when it is warm or are heated up then can melt.  We decided to see if this was true.  We looked at a chocolate button and from what we already knew we made a prediction that the chocolate would melt.  We then carried out the investigation and found out that our warm hands had heated up the chocolate causing it to melt.  Our predictions were correct.  

More Than

Today in maths we were using the SYEM sentence ..... More Than....


We worked with our partner.  Partner 1 had to pick counters out of the cup and then count to see how many they had.  Partner 2 then did the same.  As a pair we had to decide who had the most.  Then we used the sentence ......... has more than .........

Using Our Senses

Today we have been talking about our senses.  We know that we can see, hear, touch smell and taste.  First we listened to some sounds and used our ears to decide what noise we could hear.  Then we used our sense of smell to try and decide what we could smell.  Some of the smells we liked and some we did not like at all.  We smelt vinegar, mint sauce, lemon and vanilla.  After that, some brave children decided that they wanted to taste some of the liquids.  So they dipped a straw in the liquids and tasted them and decided if they were sweet or sour.  

Using Our Senses

Dough Disco!

Today we went to the Dough Disco!  We manipulated the play dough with our hands as we moved and grooved to the music.  This helps us with our fine motor skills so we will be amazing writers.

We also used our 'wafters' and moved to the music.  This helps with our gross motor movements.  We absolutely loved it.



Today in maths we were helping our puppet friend dragon to count.  Dragon is not very good at counting and needed our help to count out objects by touching counting them and by saying the numbers in order.

After we had helped dragon we worked with our partner to count the objects on the card.  We use counters to help us check to make sure that we counted correctly.