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Reception 2

World Book Day!

Today was world Book day! 


Our focus this year was 'Reading and Sharing stories at bedtime'. 


The children came into school dressed in their PJ's and over the course of the day took part in various reading activities. 


One of our favourite activities of the day was when the parents came into school to read a story to us. We had juice and biscuits and snuggled up with our grownups whilst their read our favourite stories. 


We have had a lovely day! 

Acting out Handa's surprise

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Handa's surprise

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This afternoon, Reception took part in a drama activity, where they acted out the story Handa’s surprise. Each child was given a different character from the story to play. The children created their own masks and then as Miss Blythe and Miss Newham read out the story they acted it out.

It is lovely to see the children beginning to show confidence when performing in front of their peers. 

We have completed the Reading Challenge!

Today we have celebrated Reception completing the 3 week Reading Challenge. Each day for 3 weeks, Reception have read and listened to a wide range of stories.

As a treat, for completing the challenge, Reception were visited by our friends in Year 3/4 who kindly came down and read us some of our favourite stories. 

Whilst listening to the stories, we had a lovely cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit. 


We have had a lovely afternoon in Reception. 

Reception have had a visit from Bigfoot Productions, who came to tell us all about being safe on the internet.  We talked about the different devices we used to access the internet and what we used the internet for.


We were introduced to a character called Boo, who needed our help so he could stay safe whilst online. We learned all about the 'cyber rules' and were great at helping Boo to stay safe. 

Musical Theatre Workshop - Handa's surprise

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Yesterday, Reception took part in a Musical Theatre a workshop delivered by Stage Coach performing arts.

The workshop was based on ‘Handa’s surprise’, the story we are currently reading at school.

The children had so much fun taking part in lots of different activities including; African dancing, character interpretation and creating their own jungle sound sound. 


We would like to say a big thank you to Catherine and Abigail for spending the day with us and teaching us lots of new and exciting things. 

Number bonds

This week in Maths, we have been finding number bonds to 5.

In todays lesson, we made number bonds to 5 using fruit kebabs. The children were given two plates of fruit and were asked to choose 5 pieces of fruit to go onto their skewer. Once each child had made their own kebab we then compared the different number bonds we had made with our partner and then with the other children on our table. It was great to see the children identify different number bonds to 5. 

Handa's surprise

This week, Reception have been reading the story 'Handa's surprise'. 


This afternoon, the children worked in groups to draw a story map of Handa's journey.


Working together, the children talked about and drew pictures of all of the different things Handa would have seen as she walked from her village to meet her friend Akeyo. 


The children were great at remembering the different parts of the story and enjoyed creating their own story maps. 


Librarian visit

After completing the second week of the whole school 'Reading Challenge', Reception were visited by two lovely Librarians, from our local library. 

The librarians offered to read us two of their favourite Monster stories. The children thoroughly enjoyed listening and joining in. 

The Librarians also brought us a bag full of new stories that we can read as a class. We would like to say a big thank you to the Librarians for visiting us!

Cooking club

The children were very excited to make Pizza at cooking club tonight!


We had lots of great reviews from the parents, who said they ate the whole pizza for tea.

This half term, Reception have been learning about Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

On Tuesday, we spent some time tasting porridge that matched the description of each bowl of porridge in the story.

Of course, we couldn't eat porridge that was too hot, so instead, we had porridge that was very salty.

The children did a blind test meaning that they had to try and work out which bowl belonged to which Bear.

It is safe to say we captured some great moments on camera.

Tasting Porridge

Reception really enjoyed sitting with their friends whilst eating their Christmas Lunch today. 

Christmas Dinner!

This morning, Reception took part in a sponsored Santa Dash! 


Despite the cold, the children ran around the field with a huge smile on their face and were so excited to receive a certificate, candy cane and selection box. 


We would like to say a big thank you to the PTA who organised the whole event smiley