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St Augustine's Catholic Primary School

Go, do not be afraid and serve

Our School Ethos

Go, do not be afraid and serve!

Our Mission Statement echoes the words of Pope Francis. Our faith must be shared and passed on so that everyone may know Jesus.  Jesus’ message of love is not just for some, it is for everyone, and Pope Francis urged all young people not to be afraid of bringing Christ into every area of life.


We are a Catholic school and in everything we do we seek to live out the values of Jesus Christ. We promote these values by our words and deeds, and Catholic doctrine and practice which permeates every aspect of the school’s activity. We provide a Catholic curriculum, which is broad and balanced, recognising that every pupil is unique and is created in the image of God.  We also provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities and strong pastoral support. We promote democratic principles, value the rule of law, support individual liberty and foster a community in which different faiths and beliefs are respected.


As a school community we expect everyone involved in the school, particularly parents and staff as well as pupils, to observe Christian teachings in all facets of the life of the school and the various curriculum areas. The opportunity to listen, learn from, understand and work together for the good of all is a key principle of the school.