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Drip and Splat - Nov 3, 2020


During art week the children focused on the artist Jackson Pollock. They enjoyed learning about his life and how he became a famous artist. They explored lots of activities focusing on colour including colour mixing, adding white to a colour to make tints, adding black to a colour to make shades and many more. The children then discussed how using certain colours can add mood and feelings to a paining or picture. The children loved creating pictures in the style of Jackson Pollock and splatting, dripping, squeezing and pouring paint onto the paper. They each created two sides to their picture, a dark, gloomy and dull side to represent sadness and a bright, vibrant and colourful side to represent joy and happiness. The children had so much fun creating their art, we even had a few walking painting by the end as the children were as colourful as the paper!