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Maya Workshop - Oct 4, 2022


Today we had a special visitor, Vanessa, who is a real-life archaeologist. The day was filled with various activities to enable us to develop and deepen our knowledge about the Maya civilisation. Firstly, we explored the job of an archaeologist and what their role entails then we moved onto our first small group activity, excavation. Using trowels, we were given a box with various layers of ‘earth’ and tasked with recording what we found and creating a story behind our findings. After this we looked at various pot sherds and challenged to use the resources available to predict what the sherds had come from and the purpose of the object. In the afternoon we looked at the timeline of the Maya period and took part in various other activities including: grinding corn, a God matching game and exploring a miniature Maya home. The day was very informative and we defiantly found out a lot more about this interesting civilisation.