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Year 4

Clay Techniques

Year 4 enjoyed using playdough to help them with their rolling, coiling and pinching techniques before using clay on their final archway, inspired by this year's Take One Picture. 

Inverse Operations. 

Today we practically explored using the inverse to create number sentences and notice a pattern between calculations. We revisited commutativity, observing how addition can be calculated in any order whereas subtraction cannot.

Working in pairs, we created a range of number sentences and were able to identify the addends and sum of the number sentence. By inversing each calculation, we noticed how the sum became the minuend and the addend became the subtrahend.

Decision line!

In Guided Reading, we have been reading 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.' 

We created a debate line focusing on the question 'should Lucy have went in the wardrobe?' 

We wrote down our opinions on a whiteboard and shared our opinions freely, linking to our Right of the Week. We really enjoyed sharing our opinions and trying to persuade our peers to change where they were standing in the decision line. 

Mixed Number Fractions: 

To consolidate our knowledge of mixed number fractions we used Numicon to visually demonstrate one whole then a proper fraction that followed. We then made our own representations of mixed number fractions, explaining how we knew.

UFO Sighting: 

Yesterday, Year 4 created their very own case file about a UFO sighting! We watched two eye-witness account videos and could not believe the picture that was taken of the UFO. We cannot wait to learn more about this and write a recount of what the witnesses saw. Well done Year 4

Performance Poetry

Year 4 performed the poem 'Dreams of Escape' written by Joshua Seigal today. They thought carefully about what features make a performance stand out such as actions and changing expression for different words. Well done, Year 4!

Slingshot cars!

Year 4 have made slingshot cars in DT! We have designed and built our cars to ensure they were streamline. Well done Year 4.


Year 4 enjoyed their first Gymnastics lesson yesterday in PE. We learned that strong body tension helps you to hold balances with increased control. We then demonstrated a range of increasingly challenging balances with our partner and held them for 5 seconds.

Christmas Jumper Day 2023! 

Year 4 loved showing off their Christmas jumpers today.


In Maths, Year 4 have been recognising tenths as decimals. We used tens frames and counters to explore this practically.

Super skippers!

Year 4 practiced their skipping skills today in PE. We started by looking at the basics such as where to hold the rope, turning the rope without jumping and then finally turning and jumping at the same time.


Year 4 had a fabulous time at Leam Lane Library this afternoon where they chose a book they would like to read and shared which books they got and why when we got back to school.

Today Year 4 worked practically to compare representations of 4-digit numbers. We rolled the dice to create a 4-digit number, made it out of Base 10 then used comparative language such as 'greater than' and 'less than' to compare the two numbers.

In today’s Maths lesson, we used Base 10 and Place Value Counters to partition 4-digit numbers by identifying the number of thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. We thought carefully about which number we had to represent and worked together to think about the rules when exchanging.

Representing 4-digit numbers 

In maths this week, Year 4 have been learning about 4-digit numbers and how we represent these using manipulatives and numerals. We discussed the size of the thousands, hundreds, tens and ones Base 10 pieces and what they each represent. We then rolled dice to create a 4-digit number then used the Base 10 pieces to build the number in the correct Place Value column. Well done Year 4 smiley