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Go, do not be afraid and serve

Year 5/6

Parliament Workshop

Today, all of the Year 6 children were lucky enough to have a visit from Vanessa, who works in politics. She has worked for two Prime Ministers and took part in five general elections. During her workshop, she told us about how the Government is ran and linked it to our own school council. She explained about the Palace of Westminster, House of Commons and Hose of Lords. It was interesting to find out about the role of Parliament, how important it is and the impact it has on own lives. During the session we were split into groups and asked to create a new law, once each group had decided on their law we debated how and if they would work. We soon found out it isn't an easy job!

Safety Works

Yesterday Year 6 visited Safety Works to learn all safety across different environments. Fire Safety Officers, Lifeguards, Police Officers, Metro Travel Safety Officers and staff from the local authority provided them with detailed insights into safety in their area of expertise. The children were provided with an opportunity to contribute, ask questions and even act out different scenarios across the these environments.