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Year 5

DT - Adapt a recipe to make it healthier.


In DT Year 5 have been learning all about the food they consume and where it all begins 'Farm to Fork. They have looked at ways to make a Spaghetti Bolognese recipe healthy by adding vegetable which include vitamins and minerals. Today, they made their very own recipe. They added in courgette, garlic, carrot, and mushrooms to make a standard Bolognese, healthier. Everyone contributed to making the Bolognese and loved eating it once it was ready.   




Today the children were understanding and applying tactics in a game of rounders.

The success criteria they followed was: Batters: consider where the ball is. Be honest and play to the rules. Consider where you are in relation to the ball before choosing which technique to use. Fielders: think about where the batter is before making a decision and whether you want to get them out or stop them from running. They were great!

World Book Day

Year 5 enjoyed listening to some stories at Leam Lane Library. They were fun and engagaing.

World Book Day 2024


Year 5 had a great WBD! They all came in dressed in their pyjamas. The day started with a book swap. They then enjoyed sharing a story with Year 1 children. Then came the Wonka Bars! So much excitement finding out who 'had the golden ticket!' Lots of reading for pleasure then a trip to Leam Lane library on Friday for a story. We love to read in Year 5!

Keeping Safe


This week's safeguarding message is all about knife crime. PC Bowmen came into school to talk to Year 5 about the dangers of carrying a knife. The children took away lots of very important life lessons about the importance of never being associated with anyone who carries a knife and never to carry a knife themselves. They learned about the consequences and dangers linked to knife crime. They had lots of sensible ideas and answers to share and took on board this very serious message.  

In science, Year 5 have been learning about air resistance. They carried out a ‘Fair Test’ to see whether the size of a parachute would affect the speed in which it fell to the ground. They made three parachutes, 20 x20 cm, 25 x 25cm and 30 x 30 cm. Their predictions were right! They now know that a larger surface area creates more air resistance and fall slower to the ground. 

Today in Design and Technology, Year 5 used hot glue guns to build their bridges. They worked together for each stage during the truss bridge construction: measuring and marking out, reinforcing and the final build. 

Editing Stations


Today Year 5 started editing their narratives. They used the prompts on each station to check their punctuation, grammar, and to uplevel their vocabulary. They will continue editing tomorrow by reading each other’s work to check for errors to help make improvements.    

Forces in Action - Friction



Today in Science, Year 5 were using newton meters to measure forces. They learned in the lesson about friction and how it is a contact force between two solid surfaces. They found out during their investigation, which was a fair test, that heavier objects create more friction and so need more forces to move. Low friction results in something moving across surface quickly e.g. ice skating.


Basketball - Shooting Skills

Year 5 have been practising their basketball skills this week in PE. They know how to position their feet and bend their knees, they need to keep the ball above their elbows. The need to look for the target and finally they much finish with a straight are and a flick of the wrist, extend knees. BEEF helps them remember. 


B - Balance

E - Elbows

E - Eyes

F - Follow Through 



Year 5 say no to bullying and have been 'making a noise' about bullying this week.

The Discovery Museum


Before our Bridges workshop today at the Discovery, Year 5 enjoyed spending the morning exploring the different exhibition in the museum. They followed a scavenger hunt through the History of Newcastle and enjoyed finding out facts about local ship building and the River Tyne. They were all very well-behaved. See the Facebook post for the Building Bridges Workshop.

Editing Stations


Year 5 enjoyed using 'editing stations' to edit their recounts. They used finger lights to spot errors. They visited Punctuation Point, Grammar Garden, Spelling Square and Vocabulary Valley. They found reading each other’s recounts helpful.  



In Computing, Year 5 were learning about the importance of a string password. They enjoyed chekcing their own new passwords in a game called 'How Secure is Your Password?' They were shocked at how quickly a password could be hacked. They know a password is like a key or lock on a door and is very important. 

Subordinating conjunctions.

Today in Literacy, Year 5 enjoyed matching subordinating clauses and main clauses to make exciting sentences for their recounts. They know that a subordinating conjunction is added to the subordinating clause. They were very careful to ensure they included a comma after the subordinate clause to clarify meaning.

Working Scientifically


In Science, Year 5 have recently carried out two experiments as part of our Materials topic. The first experiment was investigating whether a certain material worked better as a thermal insulator. The children observed over time and recorded their results in a table. The next experiment was to see which material dissolved. They learned new vocabulary thermal insulators and thermal conductors, dissolved, acetone, alloy, solution, soluble, solvent and mixture. Everyone had a great time!


Year 5 loved playing dodgeball. Within the lesson, they selected the appropriate dodging skill for the situation. Everyone showed determination to play to the best of their ability. Great teamwork! 

Reading and writing numbers to 100,000


In Maths this week, Year 5 have been using place value counters to recognise, read and write numbers to 100,000. They used good vocabulary and gained a concrete understanding of Place Value during this task .