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Auggie's Adventures

Bishop Wilkinson Trust - Stations of the Cross

Washington Wetlands

Auggie Loved the Singing Festival


Yesterday, Auggie came along to the Year 5 Singing Festival at Cardinal Hume. What a brilliant day!

Auggie at the Great North Museum

Hi everyone - Auggie here! Today I have had the most exciting day visiting the Great North Museum with our Year 3 and Year 3/4 class. Not only did I nearly get eaten by a huge shark and a dinosaur, I also had the opportunity to handle some real Ancient Egyptian artefacts. What a brilliant day, I can't wait to see where I end up next.

Auggie visits Northumberland College Zoo

Auggie visits Segedunum Roman Fort

Auggie had a brilliant day today visiting Segedunum, the Roman Fort. He visited with Year 4 as part of their Roman Topic 'Was Hadrian's Wall the most important thing the Romans left behind?'

Year 4 Combat Survival with Auggie

Auggie joined Year 4 today to undertake Combat Survival training! We worked in teams to complete missions, win keys and rescued our commander. 

Musical Theatre Workshop

Today, Catherine and Abigail from Stagecoach Performing Art have spent the whole day with the Reception children, and have delivered a really enjoyable musical theatre workshop. The Reception children were so kind and invited me to take part - woohoo! The theme of the workshop was Handa's Surprise, the fictional story that the children in Reception are currently learning about. The children and I took part in lots of fun activities including; retelling the story using actions, pretending to be African animals, exploring the sounds of the jungle, and learning a dance routine to one of my favourite songs 'Waka Waka'. I have had such a lovely day. Thank you for inviting me to spend some time with you. 



Victoria Tunnel

Well today was very exciting, I got to take part in my first class trip! Year 6 invited me to come along with them to the Victoria Tunnel in Ouseburn as part of a History trip linked to their WWII unit. What an amazing morning I have had! First I got to find out a little about life during WWII including evacuation and rationing, I even discovered children from St Augustine's would have been evacuated to Northumberland! I then went on to learn about the original use of the Victoria Tunnel and how it was then converted into an aid raid shelter for local residents. To end the trip I was brave enough to walk through the tunnel with my group, where we found out about the conditions and interesting facts. It was a brilliant morning and I am looking forward to my next adventure. 

Homelessness Assembly

Yesterday I was invited to a special assembly for children in UKS2, they had a visitor in to talk to them and raise the awareness of homelessness in our local area. I found out many stories about the lives of people who are homeless in our community, their day to day life and how we can help. I learned a lot and I am looking forward to try and help others.

Hello, I'm Auggie!

Welcome to Auggie's adventures, I'm sure you're wondering who I am! On 15th February the Angel of the North will turn 25 and I am here to help celebrate. I was knitted by a lovely friend of Gateshead Library and gifted to St Augustine's School. Over the rest of the year you can follow my adventures both in and out of school as I go out on class trips, take part in assemblies and even come home with you and your teachers! To document my adventures you can check in on my blog to see where and who I have been with. I look forward to making some great memories with you all and your school!