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Year 2b @ Northumberland College Zoo

Year 2b have had the most fantastic time at Northumberland College Zoo today which we visited as part of our Science ‘Animals and their habitats’ unit of work. First, our guides Emma and Callum gave us a tour of the zoo – they were both very impressed with how well behaved and knowledgeable the children were about the different world habitats. We saw a range of animals including fish, bush dogs and even wallabies. After lunch, we completed a workshop where we were lucky enough to handle and feel some amazing animals. The children were very sensible and brave. We met Pikachu the corn snake, Holly the python, Spike the bearded dragon, a hissing cockroach, a tarantula and finally a stick insect. Our favourite was a black and white Tegu who roamed around the area and was very curious to see us all. Have a look at our amazing pictures below.