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Spanish overview

At Saint Augustine’s we are keen to promote the study of a foreign language as part of a broad and balanced curriculum.  We believe that our pupils should develop an appreciation for other cultures and a sense of belonging to a wider world. Throughout the year children learn about the traditions of different countries in the Spanish speaking world including Día de los Muertos and Las Fallas as well as finding out how Christmas and Easter are celebrated in different countries.   Learning Spanish also allows our pupils to empathise with people who have English as an additional language.


Mrs Douglas

Spanish Co-ordinator


Across KS2 we follow the Light Bulb Languages scheme of work.


The scheme is designed to be progressive, to build on prior learning, and to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The choice of vocabulary ensures exposure to all the key phonics sounds and the ability to build sentences using grammatical knowledge.


Lower Key Stage 2

In lower KS2 children start to recognise the sounds and patterns of the Spanish language through topics such as greetings, numbers, colours, pets, the weather and food.   They begin to write and say short sentences and we explore simple grammatical concepts such as the gender of nouns and how to make the plural form in Spanish.  The children can give simple opinions on different topics.  They join in with the words and actions for familiar songs and they begin to explore bilingual dictionaries.


Upper Key Stage 2

In upper KS2 children begin to produce more complex sentences and are developing confident pronunciation.  They show understanding of adjectival agreement and they learn to conjugate some common Spanish verbs.  In upper KS2 the children study topics such as the planets, sports, parts of the body and descriptions as well as places in town and transport.


Subject Coverage



Useful Links

Here are some useful websites and apps that your child might enjoy using to support their learning.

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